Quick and East Tips for a Plant Based Diet



Eating a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet, doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. It’s simple, plentiful, and so easy. You may be surprised how fast you can whip up a healthy snack or meal and how fabulous you will feel. If you are not Plant based yet or are trying to be, give these a shot!

Lets go!

First off, lets clear out the “not so friendly” foods that may have crept in our pantry and fridge.

  • Even if following a plant-based lifestyle, there are those packages of chips, crackers, cookies, fake foods, and extras that seem to find their way back in the pantry. A few are ok but lets keep that as clean as possible.

  • Stock up on your dry pantry foods, like beans, legumes, rice, veggie broths. Buy some fresh fruit and produce a few times/ week to keep the healthy fresh food moving. Prep ahead what you can for the week.This is a life saver. Just take the time, its worth it!

  • Cook like you have a large family (like mine: 6 of us) Using healthy leftovers is key to recreating future snacks and meals. Think ahead when planning your meals so when making dinner you are already prepared for that great lunch you will have for the next day!

Quick Healthy Meals


My all time favorite energized lunch. Mix of chopped (or already pre- packaged chopped) leafy greens, cabbage, raw veggies, a cup of pre made quinoa, black rice, or farro. If I have some lentils or chickpeas around, ill throw that in the mix too. This completes your salad and keeps you full and satisfied. Instead of dressing, which can be high in fat and calories, I love adding some fresh avocado and lemon to the mix. NO dressing needed and you are getting some good fats that are not processed.


Take any left over greens, fruit, some water, coconut water or plant milk and blend up with some ice (try and keep it 80% veg/ 20% fruit ) You can even add a scoop of some plant based protein, chia, hemp, or flax seeds too.


I bake a few potatoes at a time for left overs (Japanese sweet, russets, yams etc.) and then add  in all my favorite veggies, greens, beans or legumes, salsa, avocado, and topped with nutritional yeast


Take a whole wheat/ Gluten free wrap, nori, or collard leaf and roll up your favorite filling like hummus, “mock” tuna, chickpea salad etc. Quick and simple.


A quick AM breakfast or on the run snack that will keep you going (or recovered) that is simple and complete. Add in your plant powerful chia seeds, fresh berries, hemp, or flax. For a heartier meal, you can add in a tsp.of nut butter.


Roll up some Raw energy balls for a on the go snack. Also good if you have some long training sessions on the bike or run. Oats, dates, nut butter, and some extra goodies could be a good option.

Check out my website for recipes.

Health and happiness,


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