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An in-depth coaching experience to include all of the features of 'beautiful beginnings' program plus a more personalized focus on your holistic health and fitness goals

  • x4  50 min sessions per month to discuss your nutrition, health, fitness, food log and goals  (in person, by phone, via Skype or a combination)
  • Customized education on nutrition, food, health, fitness, mind and body for you to incorporate into your daily life, step by step
  • Food, recipes and meal suggestions to fit your specific health, life and fitness needs  
  • One-on-one support and motivation throughout the week so you can stay on track and have the answers and guidance to any questions that may arise during your transformation 
  • Analysis of your meals, nutrition and fitness so we can jointly set goals and keep up on your progress 
  • Specific health testing recommendations (e.g. items to include in a blood test) and review
  • Holistic Health (The whole YOU) - understanding emotional eating triggers, stress, family food, weight and management. Real health is truly holistic and is not just about what you eat but also “what’s eating you”
  •  A full discussion and schedule for your Fitness and exercise Goals
  • Structured guidance and education on healthy cooking, meal planning, shopping lists and how to incorporate these elements sustainably into your life
  • Individualized Product recommendations and support
  • Meet at your most frequented grocery store for an educational tour and shopping assistance (local clients only) Clients who are not local will receive a detailed list made to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle