Integrative Elements


Integrative Elements

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3 month includes:

  • x4 50 min session / month in person, phone, or Skype or a combination to discuss your nutrition, health, fitness, food log and goals. 

  • Customized education on nutrition, food, health, fitness, mind and body for you to incorporate into your daily life, step by step. 

  • Food, recipes and meal suggestions to fit your specific health, life and fitness needs. 

  • One on one support and motivation throughout the week so you can stay on track and have the answers and guidance to any questions that may arise during your transformation. 

  • Analysis of your meals, nutrition and fitness so we can jointly set goals and keep up on your progress. 

  • Specific health testing recommendations (e.g. items to include in a blood test) and review.

  • Holistic Health (The whole YOU), including understanding emotional eating triggers, stress, family food, weight and management. Real health is truly holistic and is not just about what you eat but also “what’s eating you”

  • A full discussion and schedule for your Fitness and exercise Goals.

  • Structured guidance and education on healthy cooking, meal planning, shopping lists and how to incorporate these elements sustainably into your life   

  • Individualized Product recommendations and support .

  • Meet at your most frequented grocery store for an educational tour and shopping assistance (local clients only) Clients who are not local will receive a detailed list made to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.

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