Healthy Holiday Workshop

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Healthy Holiday Workshop


The holidays are almost here and its time to start thinking about how we will prepare for your healthiest holiday season yet!

For Most people, October through January are the hardest months when it

comes to sticking to a healthy diet. By preparing ahead, you can sail through

the holiday season less stressed and more confident that what you are going

to prepare, cook, eat and celebrate with, will not leave you with months of

feeling unhealthy, overweight, and on a roller coaster to get back to where

you began… And just maybe, after all the holidays are over, you will come

out healthier, leaner, and more knowledgeable about yourself than ever


Let’s prepare for this holiday season together!

The WBB Holiday Workshop will cover:

  • How to start prepping: Holiday schedules, menu, grocery lists and


  • Preparing the kitchen and what you really need.

  • Making several delicious plant based recipes that we will learn about

and share together

  • Edible gifts/ what works/storing and freezing.

  • Q & A

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