What is a health coach?

What is a Health Coach?

Is This You?

Are you busy, working many hours, trying to live a “healthy” lifestyle, active, athletic, juggling a home, kids, trying to stay fit, only to find that as your getting older it’s becoming harder to keep it all in balance?

Has it become a vicious circle of weight gain, lack of energy, sleepless nights, food cravings, less than average workouts/ training sessions, and becoming impossible to recover from your daily life?

Why do I know about this? I’ve been there too!

As a mother of 4, a competitive athlete, a practicing plant-based Health and Nutrition Coach, and a pro “juggler” I had that same vicious cycle.

This is why now I am coaching many people from around the world to feel the best they can be while helping them balance ageing, fitness, food, weight and recovery. 

Each of us is a unique being and there is no one stop shop, no one plan fits all.

But there is a plan of action that you can take. Together, we will explore your individuality, your health, food, fitness and goals, and create a lifestyle that will continue to stay with you.


What I provide you is ongoing support and guidance as we set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health, fitness, and lifestyle.

As your Health Coach, I will work with you attentively and carefully to help navigate any contradictory nutritional information you may be experiencing (or hearing about) and to guide and educate you, so we can determine what changes are necessary to feel your best.

Thankfully, we are all unique beings.

Together we will find your own individual path to a healthy, happy, and fit lifestyle that you will feel comfortable with for years to come.

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me. During this session, we will discuss how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

Please contact me and lets schedule your free initial consultation.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Fallon Mindel, CHHP, AADP

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