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As far back as I can remember, I was always interested in nutrition, fitness and the lifestyle needed to make me feel healthier, stronger, and more balanced.

I was active, athletic and had a passion for health and helping people. Even at 13 years of age, I was reading nutrition almanacs and learning that what I ate had a direct correlation to how I felt, lived, and performed, and I wanted to share that. One of my first jobs was at a health club personal training, giving classes, talking about lactic acid and body composition.

When I was 19 years old I had an opportunity to travel the world and experienced many different cultures. I had become a model and in the modeling industry, I’d seen just about every diet, beauty trick, and gimmick out there. I was always interested in more than just weight, being in shape or looking good for the camera. There was so much more to it.  I knew that Ultimate health started on the inside.

Living abroad, I had the opportunity to really experience foods and lifestyles from all over. I shopped the wonderful vegetable markets, met the farmers, talked to the chefs, went to many restaurants and began to cook on my own. This opened my eyes to how people prepared, cooked, and lived a lifestyle of food FRESH every single day.


After many years, through my work and travels, I met my husband and we had 4 beautiful children. As many of us do, we put ourselves on the back burner while we care, love and nourish others. But my energy and athletic fire had ignited again and it was time for me to challenge my body and mind to see where this next step would bring me.

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"She (Lisa) is a fountain of knowledge and advice and can only describe her as a personal health angel that has changed my life, increased my energy levels, lowered blood counts, hypertension and diabetes numbers."

- Willie  Patterson.


Balancing life, children, a traveling husband, work, and an athletic training and racing program (at an age most people are just starting to slow down), wasn’t easy, but it was exciting and rewarding.

There were many ups and downs along the way but my dedication to health, nutrition and fitness stayed strong. I truly believe with a strong healthy constitution that you can rise above any challenge that is thrown your way, and in the process grow, learn, and help others.

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I walked my talk and it showed in so many ways. I knew my path was set in the direction to educate, motivate and inspire others to help them achieve a healthier and happier way of life. I had come full circle from where it all began 30 years ago.


As a certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach I help support people with their health, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. I look at the whole person and take a holistic approach to develop strategies to overcome challenges such as weight loss, stress, fatigue, digestion, sugar addiction, lack of energy, and motivation, and start to work with integrating a lifestyle of health and nutrition that is achievable and consistent. This is the way we transform goals into action.☺

I am always honored and grateful to my clients that they give me the opportunity to help and guide them along their personal journey of health and well being.


"Raise your standards and the universe will meet you there"



Everyone wants to be healthy.
Everyone has their own path to wellness within them.

The key is to understand that we are all different and that it’s not about fitting oneself into a diet or body type.

It's about finding the food and nourishment that truly feed your
Whole Body Beautiful.

Are you ready to find your path to wellness?